Pizza margherita – Italian recipe

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From Giallozafferano, the italian most famous food website, a new video recipe: pizza margherita. Find this and many more recipes with pictures on the Giallo…


Mathea Rossi says:

well hello there … 

Jo Deschamps says:

Too much oil…

jimer jim says:


jimer jim says:

I am from Italy and i’m in Italy right now this recipe is flawed your mozzarella is fake and not from a bison. (americans) please try to perfect this recipe using the blotch method for the pizza if you are going to use processed mozzarella please cover your pizza entirely don’t use it for the island / blotch method. Other than this yur american i don’t expect you to know that we don’t sound like mario and luigi and that spaghetti and meatballs is practicly and insult but i could send the recip

suggarachel says:


Alessandra Totti says:

you have to cut the tomatoes in half and remove all the seeds, then you have to put them in a saucepan and let them cook until they become soft and then you strain them into a vegetable mill.

suggarachel says:

How do you make this tomato puree? do you just take some fresh tomatoes and mix em in a blender? ty

papa pansh says:

Olive oil is for flavour. The dough recipe is on this channel. The sauce is made with tomatoe puree and water mixed. you could use tinned chopped tomatoes but they might be a bit sharp in flavour

melopsicodelia says:

i really like your videos and that pizza look delicious but nothing is clear, i don know how you did the tomato salsa or that pasta, i dont know how much water you used or if you boil or not the tomatoes do prepar the salsa….

Ha Dang says:

Why we need olive oil?

sandrodream2 says:

Parmesan cheese is from Germany , Parmiggiano Reggiano is from Emilia Romagna, Grada Padano is from Pianura PAdana

Luca DeFra says:

parmesan cheese from Naples? Why they call it “parmesan?”

Boltage23 says:

Now that’s a real pizza. Not that shit we have here in Brazil…

gabrielirlanda says:


ranzkiebells says:

very easy only…….mire cheese basil and olive only the toppings

glitch509 says:

NO BASIL?!?!?!?!?!

DonPepinoSauces says:

Such a simple and easy recipe! Just a note – a great tomato puree is Sclafani’s Tomato Puree. We can’t wait to share this with our fans. Love, Don Pepino

Rachael Fowler says:

Hey! just a little tip from baker to baker, id go check out sourdoughs international for some bada** sourdough starter. i got the san francisco and OMG way good, came out great.
Happy baking!

healthysimplecooking says:

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Would mean a lot if you could take a few minutes to check it out.

askadetra says:

i love italian foods.

kashagizmo says:

I’m not an Italian, but to answer you, there is historical evidence of pizza bread dishes in ancient Rome and Greece as well. The invention of “modern” pizza with tomato and cheese may be credited to Italians, but personally I see pizza as a true “world food” these days – everybody loves it, and every country has its own ideas of how the perfect pizza should be.
Having said that, looking at what toppings Koreans traditionally go for, I would be very curious to try it out!

Bouty Nice says:

Way too much oil dont you think?

GoldfishLight says:

so… much… oil… and of course it will be delicious

Kazzzzzo says:

Are you going to deep-fry pizza, depending on the oil added???

fidilio89 says:

Excuse me, I agree with you about everything except parmesan cheese, tomato ragù and lasagna: they’re emilians, i.e. original of that north italian regione that includes cities such as Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena and Piacenza.

Angela Romanova says:

Now go try

Demetrius Mckinnon says:

That aint nothing unique… Just a regular tdaditional pizza.

tanuki1025 says:

Korean people says that Pizza was stolen by Marco Polo who is Italian from our culture.
origin of pizza is from Korea in Ancient times. Italian people have to apologize to us.
thats what they insist.

well I would like to know how does italan people think about it.

Giovanni Peragine says:

I do agree that there is too much oil being spread around…. this is FOCACCIA technique, or at best a pizza-ccia; as I mentioned, there are big differences throughout Italy as far as how something is cooked, even though it may be the same food (such as in this case with pizza)
And NO, you cannot use shredded mozzarella in a bag… now you are turning it into an american pie. Fresh mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella would be the ideal… and spread out over the pizza, you should see areas of sauce

Giovanni Peragine says:

I’ve lived in Italy for over 16 years, graduated there, and during this time, I traveled all over this BEAUTIFUL country. There are big differences in culinary tastes and techniques from the south to the north; in the south, the pizza tends to be much much thinner, and not too many toppings. As you travel towards the Napoli region, you will find that the pizza becomes thicker, but still not too many toppings. In the north, there is a mixed bag, of thin, thick, loaded, hybrids. Best pizza in Bari

Purple Gecko says:


LaGazzaLadra0 says:

amount of oil is ok. i don’t understand why americans always complain about everything. i was in rome, my friend was doing the same and he assured me thats the way how his grandmother do.

Ivona3000 says:

the dough was too oily. yes, it’s nice to smear some oil on the crust after the pizza is done. I also like to put mozzarella cheese when the dough is half-baked.

The Divine Hostess says:

I love pizza and one trouble I have had in the past is spreading out the dough. That looks like an easy trick that you showed. Thank you!

Callum Cowan says:


Callum Cowan says:

I just need an Italian wife and I’m set for life

maxonium88 says:

so much oli. wtf.

Nathan Gardner says:

Everyone needs to learn English in today’s world.

846524162 says:

Way too much oil, you could see at the end that crust was really hard…. some people like it, but mostly don’t. I use a little oil as possible. Only a few drops on the pan and few tablespoons in the dough.

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